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Oral Maxillo Facial Training

What is ethics?

Oral Maxillo Facial Training

Training is going to be stressful - how do you plan to deal with it?

Psychiatry Training

Can you give an example of where you have had to resolve a conflict with a member of the nursing or allied health staff over the diagnosis or care plan of a patient?

General Practice Training

This question examines communication and interpersonal skills: You are the only GP on duty for the day at a practice. The practice manager informs you that there is a patient in the waiting room who is complaining loudly about the treatment received at the practice. The practice manager requests your intervention. How would you manage this situation?

Oral Maxillo Facial Training

You are assisting your boss privately on a Friday. There is still one more case on the list. Your boss needs to fly interstate, and asks you to finish the list. What do you do?

Dermatology Training

Tell us about the most rewarding interaction between a patient and yourself; tell us about something you achieved in a clinical setting that makes you proud

Orthopaedic Training

Department head wants to use a new prosthesis that is bottom 25% in joint industry and high revision rate, and he got a royalty, what do you do.

Non Specific Question

Tell me about a time that you tried to accomplish something but failed.

Non Specific Question

Tell me a fun fact about yourself

Non Specific Question

Given an example when working in a group produced greater result than working alone

Tell us what sort of post you were applying for:Interview QuestionTags (if applicable)

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