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General Practice Training

Give an example of a clinical situation where you were unhappy with the behavior of a senior colleague. How did you resolve this?

Paediatrics Training

Please tell us about a time where you were involved in a patient’s care that was compromised. How would you improve the situation for next time?

Dermatology Training

Tell us about the most rewarding interaction between a patient and yourself; tell us about something you achieved in a clinical setting that makes you proud

Basic Physician Training

What is hypotension, how do you measure/define it, list the causes

Non Specific Question

Tell us about the last skill/hobby you learned which is unrelated to Medicine.

General Practice Training

Why do you want to be a GP? What makes you think you’ll be a good GP?

Radiology Training

What is your opinion on Artificial intelligence and how do you see if affecting radiology in the future?

Non Specific Question

Tell me about a time when you were dependent on others to gain a result

Dermatology Training

What would you like to achieve, professionally and personally

Non Specific Question

Describe an instance when you had to think on you feet to extricate yourself from a difficult situation

Tell us what sort of post you were applying for:Interview QuestionTags (if applicable)

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