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With your help we are compiling a set of interview questions, so that all trainees can benefit and practice before the interviews.

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Dermatology Training

Moving interstate/ rural practice; rural experience; how do you feel about training outside Sydney; what do you see as the specific dermatology needs/ particular dermatological problems of your preferred state

Non Specific Question

Give me an example of a time you had to make an important/ quick decision. How did you make the decision. How does it affect you today. Tell me about a difficult decision you had to make last year

Non Specific Question

Why should we choose you? (How do you see yourself contributing to our program?)

Oral Maxillo Facial Training

How is a patient prepared for surgery?

Paediatrics Training

Please tell us about your research interest and previous experience

Radiology Training

How have you prepared to sit the challenging part one examinations?

General Practice Training

Reflect on your medical career. How did you improve on your medical practice?

Orthopaedic Training

40yo aboriginal woman with severe learning difficulties has a 4 year old distal radius malunion. Her carer says it is causing her pain. An orthopaedic surgeon says she needs the operation. What do you do?

Paediatrics Training

Can you give an example of how clinical governance impacts upon paediatric medicine?

Oral Maxillo Facial Training

How would you go about achieving life-work balance?

Tell us what sort of post you were applying for:Interview QuestionTags (if applicable)

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